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Nutrition for Longevity- Prolon

During prolonged fasting, your body starts a set-cleaning process called cellular clean up.  It gets rid of old, worn out cells and replaces with new, healthier ones. If you want to jump start weight-loss in a healthy way, clean up your cells or promote.

Nov 18th, 2019
Award Winning Skinbetter Science

Body Lounge is proud to carry the Award Winning skinBetter Science Skincare line. Two of our favorite products are the Alto Defense and the Alphabet Overnight Cream Duo!

Nov 28th, 2019
Myofascial Cupping Benefits

Myofascial cupping or just ‘cupping’. Cupping can provide great benefits and help you cope with your pain and/or dysfunction. 

Nov 19th, 2019
Fine Lines & Wrinkles

No surprise that as we age, we develop more fine lines & wrinkles. Let's take care of them now!

Nov 2nd, 2019
Sexual Health for Men

Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection and/or concerns about penile size, shape, and curvature, with or without pain, can affect one’s self-esteem and create significant stress. We offer different ways to maximize sexual wellness for men.

Nov 2nd, 2019
Winter, Depression & VitaminD

As the air gets chilly and the sun is out fewer hours, many often become Vitamin D deficient. This can lead to depression among other things.

Oct 23rd, 2019
What is a Lip Flip?

Want a fuller, more plump lip but aren't quite ready to take the plunge in to lip filler?

Oct 22nd, 2019
LeanMD Weight- Loss Plan

Losing weight can be overwhelming. Knowing where to begin and staying accountable is essential to success. Our LeanMD weight loss program addresses just that!

Sep 10th, 2019
What is the Priapus, P or PRP Shots?

So many different shots out there that though different achieve a similar desired result. The PRP penis shot is a breakthrough, clinically-proven, safe, and effective procedure that helps male sexual wellness — without surgery, or the use of medications.

Sep 3rd, 2019
Getting Rid of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

We use injectable treatments for lines and wrinkles that develop on your face over time. Neurotoxins like BOTOX/ DYSPORT/ XEOMIN can give you a smoother and younger-looking face by reducing lines & wrinkles.

Sep 3rd, 2019

Here at Body Lounge we use Neurotoxins to treat lines & wrinkles. We also use them to treat TMJ pain. We offer Xeomin, Botox, Dysport, & Jeuveau. Neurotoxins are safe and widely used for all types of medical and cosmetic treatments.

Aug 22nd, 2019
What is Dermal Filler?

Fine lines, wrinkles, lift,'s all so overwhelming. So what is dermal filler and what are the differences?

Jul 7th, 2019