Why Are My Pores Getting Bigger?

Why Are My Pores Getting BiggerIf you feel like your pores are getting larger as you’re getting older – you’re not alone! In fact, figuring out how to minimize pores while also tackling the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is a common concern. But why is this?

Aging Skin

As we age we lose elastin in our skin and our oil production decreases. These two factors are highly important to keep your skin tight & firm.

Why does this happen? As we age we not only stop producing our own collagen, but we start losing it. We also have hormonal changes and changes in the connective tissues as we age. We see this all too often with the wrinkling in sagging in our skin. Since we produce less oil, that leads to the skin dry, itchy & loose skin.

So, how exactly does a decrease in elasticity and oil production make your pores larger? Pores are also elastic, and as collagen levels decrease, pores lose this elasticity. As you age, the skin’s natural exfoliation process slows. The combination of all of these things results in more dead skin cells, sitting on the skin’s surface for longer periods of time and filling pores that are likely to stay stretched out.

Once we throw environmental factors, stress, sun damage, and exposure, our pores don’t stand a chance without quality home skincare and professional treatment.

So What Can I Do?

Exfoliation, sun protection, SPF, and professional treatments. Incorporating a gentle exfoliation into your daily skincare routine (SkinBetter Science Detox Gentle Scrub), along with professional treatments will help clear away dead skin cells & bring back the elasticity to your skin.

Top Three Treatments we Recommend for Shrinking Pores, Softening lines & Wrinkles & Stimulating Collagen
Wiqo- PRX T33 Facial Series
Microneedling with Growth Factors or PRF
Pixel RF

*We always recommend starting with a series to get collagen regenerating. After the series to maintain results, doing some type of skin resurfacing once a quarter*


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