Types of Aging & DNA Repair

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There are different ways in which we age.  Some we have control over, and some we don’t.
Two most common types of aging (that we all experience) are Intrinisic and Extrinsic Aging.
Our natural aging determined by nature and genetics is called Intrinsic. Then there is aging that is determined by our lifestyle and environmental factors which is the Extrinsic.
You may think that Intrinsic Aging would be just as responsible as the Extrinsic- but surprisingly, it only accounts for 10%!
90% of our physical aging is due to our lifestyle and environmental factors.
There are many great things for your skin to fight against both Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aging. 
1) THE OBVIOUS: Better Nutrition, Hydration & Lifestyle. What we put in our body matters. It affects our energy, the way we move & the way we look.
2) Skin Resurfacing Once a Quarter,  whether it be a Microneedle, Pixel RF or Chemical Peel…you want to get that healthy cellular turnover and stimulate that collagen.
3) ABSOLUTE MUST!  Nourishing & protecting your skin at HOME! At home care is super important.  You can do all the treatments you want, but if you don’t take care at home, you’re just putting a “Band-Aid” on the issue.  A quality, Medical Grade Skincare is where you should be.  
Two Skinbetter Science “MUST HAVES” you need in your 
at home arsenal:
1) Alto Advanced Defense & Repair Serums
2) Sunbetter Sunscreen
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