The Unicorn Facial

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Brighten Skin All Year Long

* $1000/ Series of Four (4) Total Treatments. Once A Week for Four Weeks. Includes at Home Skincare.
* $250/ Additional Single Treatments

What is WiQo PRX-T33 treatment?

PRX-T33 (also called “Unicorn Facial” or “Unicorn Treatment”), originally from Italy, provides impressive, laser like results with no downtime. Many have been referring to this treatment as a peel due to its ingredients, however this treatment falls under a different category. PRX-T33 is a biostimulator applied using a specific technique which helps to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin without harming the superficial layers. This treatment creates new collagen which gives the skin structure and elasticity.

How It’s Applied

  1. The first step consists of cleansing the skin with PRX P-Solution which gently cleanses the skin, helping to stabilize the skins PH.
  2. Next, product will be applied section by section and will be massaged into the skin using firm pressure. You may feel a slight burning or itching sensation which is normal and shows that the product is working.
  3. Residue will be removed with cold water.
  4. WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream is then applied to the treated area in order to restore the hydrolipidic film, prevent dryness and soothe any temporary redness.
  5. Full size post care will be given to each client who is doing the series of 4 treatments. These products will cover the aftercare for the 4 treatments.

PRX-T33 combines the effects of Kojic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) resulting in immediate improvement to the texture and laxity of your skin. This FDA-conformed solution is designed to stimulate the regeneration of collagen with no exfoliation or peeling since it penetrates deep into the dermis, without damaging the outer layers of skin.

What areas can be treated with WiQo?

Any area of the body may benefit from a WiQo treatment. The most common areas are the face, neck, and décolleté. Treatment can be performed on most all skin types and there are no age restrictions.

What is a WiQo treatment?

The WiQo PRX-T33 solution is applied to the selected area of treatment. The solution is massaged into the skin using a specialized technique with a soothing pressure. A slight tingling sensation may be felt throughout the treatment. Once the the application is finished, the solution will be washed off with water and then a post-application cream will be applied. Immediately after the treatment, patients often notice their skin appears more vibrant, dewy and tighter. You will be given a topical glycolic acid and moisturizing cream be used at home between treatments to prolong and enhance the outcome.

How to Prepare for Treatment?

Discontinue use of retinoids 15 days prior to being treated with PRX-T33. The application is contraindicated on sensitive skin types, or skin affected by seborrheic dermatitis, herpetic eruptions, angular cheilitis, or otherwise damaged skin. People with unrealistic expectations, mental health problems, or unable or unwilling to comply with the post care program should also be excluded. Those who are pregnant or breast feeding are contraindicated for this treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

A series of four treatments for the face and six treatments for the body, done at weekly intervals is strongly recommended for best results. A face & neck application should take about 20 minutes or 50 minutes with the facial red light therapy add-on.

How long is the downtime from a WiQo treatment?

There is no downtime and no photosensitivity.

Unicorn Facial Advantages

  • Painless, with no lasers or needles
  • No downtime for effective, natural results
  • Can be used during summer months
  • Treatment time: 30-45 minutes
  • Often immediately noticeable firming and tightening
  • All skin types

Potential Side Effects

There could be some flaking (from your skin shedding some excess dead cells)
Moderate redness

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