The Power of Infrared! Infrared Sauna Dallas, TX- University Park

There are dozens & dozens of studies released in just the last few years that shed even more light on the health benefits of Infrared Sauna, Heat Therapy, and Hyperthermic Conditioning. We believe it is one of the most profound tools for enhancing health.
Saunas are powerfully good for you!
The growing list of benefits are incredibly long, and currently include (but are not limited to):
  • Enhancing detoxification and skin health
  • Boosting athletic performance and endurance
  • Increasing muscular hypertrophy and supporting muscle maintenance
  • Injury recovery and pain reduction
  • Supporting immune system health
  • Boosting mood and brain health
  • Improving cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • And even enhancing longevity and anti-aging, and reducing all-cause mortality
  • Calorie Burn

How Do These Benefits Occur?

  • It induces sweating, which enhances detoxification and skin health
  • Enhances athletic performance via increasing plasma volume, red blood cell count, thermoregulatory control, glycogen-sparing, and lactate threshold
  • Releases heat shock proteins (HSPs) and growth hormone, which enhance muscular hypertrophy
  •  And much, much more!
  • Additionally, you can also “enhance” some of the benefits of your sauna session with certain practices like healthy diet and exercise.



Infrared Sauna and the Connection with Longevity

Like many other health benefits, the effects of sauna on longevity and disease prevention are multi-faceted. While the research is young, it is clear that hormetic stress and HSPs play a role, as evidenced by a study on flies, in which heat treatment increased their lifespan by up to 15%, mostly by acting on these HSPs.
“Finnish sauna bathing is associated with improved outcomes such as reduced overall mortality and reduced incidence of cardiovascular events and dementia, at least in men. This is further supported by the two large observational studies that found striking risk reductions for sudden cardiac death (63%) and all-cause mortality (40%) as well as for dementia (66%) and Alzheimer’s disease (65%), in men who used a sauna 4−7 times per week compared to only once per week.”
Unlimited Monthly Packages:
$150/ Month for Unlimited Infrared Sauna Sessions
$175/ Month for Unlimited Full Body Red Light Therapy + Infrared Sauna Sessions
Single Treatments:
$45 Infrared Sauna + Full Body Red Light + Vibration Plate
$35 Infrared Sauna
$25 Full Body Red Light Therapy + Vibration Plate
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