I am so happy with the care I’m receiving, that I referred my Mom and trust them with her care, too! Ed and Copper both really listen to the needs of their patients and provide excellent service. The vitamin shots are magic and would highly recommend!

Kerrie H.

I’m a CrossFit Coach; a couple of weeks ago I was doing some deep squats and something fired off in my lower back. I could hardly move for a day or two and with my line of work, this really had me worried. I went into Body Lounge and was greeted by Copper and Dr. Ed. After assessing some things going on with my body, Dr. Ed put me on a couple different stretches. I have been extremely impressed by the holistic approach to getting me back to being able to move as I was before pre-injury. I have gone through cupping, scraping, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, dry-needling, and physical therapy. I am always greeted with warm smiles and truly feel like the people of Body Lounge really care and value my health, fitness, and wellness. I also love being explained everything going on with my body and Dr. Ed always has a helpful, informative answer. I can’t recommend enough coming down to Body Lounge and getting yourself back to 100%!

Benjamin P.

After my second session of the “Vampire Facial”, the best compliment I received was “Oh I love how your makeup looks today!” However, I was not wearing any! That was one of my goals, to not have to wear makeup all the time to cover my aging and imperfect skin! What great and true results finally seen after I feel I have tried so many quick fix procedures. RN Leigh and Copper were honest and trusting in recommending the right treatments for me, fitting to my skins needs and wants! Returning customer for sure – Thank you BLPC!

Priscilla P.

Would highly recommend Leigh for any injections! She listened to my needs, and I loved my results! I’ll definitely be back.

Kelley C.

Dr. LaCara is phenomenal! He is five specialties in one. My appointment involved chiropractic adjustment, targeted pressure points (oh my gosh!), deep stretching & acupuncture. I was also given PT exercises for home to strengthen my weakest areas. I left being able to turn my neck farther than I have since high school! To say my body was back in alignment does not cover how fantastic I felt leaving his office. Five stars is not enough for all the issues treated in a single visit. And Copper is so friendly, fun and helpful at the front desk. She made everything so easy. Thank you!

Vicki E.

This place is AMAZING!! I had the microneedle procedure. If you haven’t had this procedure you need too!! I’m in my 40’s losing collagen and my face was looking really dull. Microneedling has refreshed my skin, diminished minor wrinkles and helped to smooth acne scars! I’m in love and can’t wait to get my next treatment!

Jennifer F.

I’m constantly active and dehydrated. I can never seem to drink enough water even though I try. Texas heat can be brutal especially when running or playing tennis outside! Migraines come with dehydration for me! I’ve found relief and success in getting an IV treatment at Body Lounge from Leigh Patten! Love her and everybody at Body Lounge!

Holly R.

I feel pretty – oh so pretty- I feel pretty and witty!! I was a skeptic -thank you for rewinding the clock 5 years!! You have a gift! I haven’t had one person ask if I had something done and dozens of complements on being “young” in the past couple months … feels good – ok… feels great! Would say see you soon but honestly feel like it looks like it did 5 months ago. See you when I see you

Angela R.

Ed got rid of my arm pain. I felt like he was the first person to actually listen to what I was saying. Instead of just fixing the problem he thought about what was causing the problem and helped me with exercises and a special pillow as well as some adjustments. Now I’m pain-free and if I happen to get pain I know what to do.

Liana Y.

What a wonderful staff! I went in for a microneedling appointment and everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming. They explained every part of the process along the way, what to expect and followed up with me to make sure all was well. The results have been fantastic and I am incredibly pleased with how fresh my skin looks!!

Britt C.

I had Pulse Wave Therapy and was unsure if it would work and was quite skeptical. I never had ED but as I’ve gotten older I have had trouble maintaining during intercourse. 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks and I am a new man. I am relieved and confident and have my sex life back. Highly recommend. Oh, and it’s not painful at all which was another thing I was worried about. Thanks Dr. Ed.

Andy B.

Dr. Ed Le Cara is amazing!I developed Patellar Tendinitis in my left leg. I initially went to a non-specialized Orthopedic doctor as preferred by my health care provider. During my visit with the Orthopedic doctor, he advised me to just rest for three weeks and not do anything to cause strain on my tendon. This was told to me after meeting with me for less than 5 minutes. This is not a viable option for me as it interferes with my fitness training. After mentioning this to the doctor, he snidely stated to work on “upper body stuff.” After being disappointed by these results and feeling taken advantage of (due to unnecessary x-rays and being told to purchase a knee brace from them – then shuffled out) I reached out to my trainer and he referred me to Dr Ed. Dr Ed spent an hour with me, helping me relieve the tension causing strain on my Patellar tendon via dry needling and other methods. He took his time going over the causes and remedies for Patellar Tendinitis and helped me understand how to prevent this from happening in the future. I’m very thankful for his services and highly recommend him for any sport related injuries!

Richard B.

I am an avid runner and have suffered from severe plantar fasciitis for months. I have seen several doctors and a PT with zero results. A runner friend of mine referred me to Dr Ed La Cara. Within a few weeks of following his exercise routine and receiving treatments I am back to running. I would highly recommend Dr La Cara for any of your sports related injuries.

Ryan W.