Stretch Therapy

University Park- Dallas, TX

The more range of motion and control you possess, the more movement potential you have to do whatever you like doing! It’s often mistakenly thought that stretching is just for athletes. But stretching is so good for the body! Not only does it prepare the body for exercise, but it assists in injury preventing, improves ranges of motion, increases flexibility, and can decrease pain.

It also helps with conditions like diabetes and depression by increasing blood flow & boosting oxygen levels which helps deliver nutrients to your muscles.

Well-stretched muscles hold less tension and, therefore, can help you feel less stressed and anxious.

The problem is, your brain only trusts your body with the range of motion that it’s frequently exposed to. Any time you try to take a muscle past its normal range, your sensory receptors called muscle spindles prevent you from going any further. A stretching session with our Stretch Therapist can teach you how to soothe tender muscle points and increase the circulation in your body, leading you to have continuous feelings of well-being afterward. Stretching sessions can relax, release and elongate your muscle. Stretch Therapy Sessions can be combined with ART (Active Release Technique), Massage and/or Cupping as well.

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