University Park- Dallas, TX

$25 / 30-Minute Single Session
$150 / Monthly Unlimited

Here at Body Lounge we offer NormaTec Compression Therapy. This involves comfortable compression sleeves for low back/hips, legs, arms, and shoulders. NormaTec is a recovery system that has set the standard for dynamic compression technology for rapid recovery systems. NormaTec uses compressed air sleeves to massage blood and stimulate the lymphatic system. The specific platform combines three distinct massage techniques – pulsing, gradient hold, and distal release which set it apart from other compression systems. The sleeves are a way for overworked, overtrained, injured, and strained muscles to recover. They deliver a relaxing massage and rolling sensation which make the session very comfortable.

NormaTec’s patented pulse massage pattern mobilizes fluids out of tired, overworked limbs, improves circulation and alleviates soreness to expedite your recovery and improve your overall mobility.