Massage Therapy in University Park- Dallas, TX

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Whether it’s to relax, rejuvenate or work-out tired, sore muscles, our massage therapist is sure to leave you revitalized from head to toe. For ultimate relaxation get those muscles loose and detox in our Infrared Sauna before treatment.

Stretch or Massage Therapy
$95/ 60 -Minutes
$135/ 90- Minutes
* Add-On Cupping Treatment $30
* Add-On Infrared Sauna $35- 30 Minutes

*See Memberships for Additional Options*

Swedish Massage

A Swedish-based therapy combining the best-known therapeutic massage practices to provide an unparalleled hour of relaxation. The Swedish Massage is great to decompress, let the mind & body relax, and rejuvenate your overall body & well-being.

Deep Tissue

Focus on those overworked muscles living well below the surface with this intensely therapeutic massage. Designed to relieve pain associated with muscle knots, heavy physical activity, and everyday stress, this therapy is deliberate and customized, targeting specific areas in need of relief.

A deep tissue massage is going to focus mainly on the muscle groups, by adding greater pressure to these areas. This is going to allow you to get rid of some of the muscle cramps that you never thought about before, and you will find that a deep tissue massage is going to release a lot of the tension you had built up that would have caused you more issues. The effects occur almost right away.

Sports Massage

Customize this massage to fit your active lifestyle. A pre-event massage kicks overused and stressed muscles into gear using quick, stimulating strokes and dynamic stretching. For post-event, expect a restful yet thorough massage that repairs your fatigued muscles. Whatever your needs, this massage is built to improve flexibility, help prevent injuries, and prepare your mind and body for optimal performance.

Getting a massage is going to increase the oxygen demand in that region of the body. When you have any area of your body that is getting a lot of extra oxygen it will start to feel better and will really start to help you in healing your body. You may have a limited range of motion, this is very true if you are looking at recovery from a surgery or injury. With this massage, you will notice that it is going to be easier for you to get the range of motion back easier than what you would imagine because you can finally get the help that you need to have in getting the muscles back in shape and healing faster.

Stretch Therapy

The more range of motion and control you possess at every joint, the more movement potential you have to do whatever you like to do!

The problem is, your brain only trusts your body with the range of motion that it’s frequently exposed to. Any time you try to take a muscle past its normal range, your sensory receptors called muscle spindles prevent you from going any further.

A stretching session with our Stretch Therapist can teach you how to soothe tender muscle points and increase the circulation in your body, leading you to have continuous feelings of well-being afterward. Stretching sessions can relax, release and elongate your muscles.

Stretch Therapy Sessions can be combined with ART (Active Release Technique), Massage and/or Cupping as well.

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