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Losing weight is difficult, but having help and accountability puts you on the right track to a lasting healthy lifestyle and a better body. The team at Body Lounge Park Cities in the Park Cities neighborhood of Dallas can form a personalized weight-loss plan for you that yields permanent, life-changing results. We use a medically supported plan called LeanMD which is based on real foods and nutrition. To find out more about LeanMD and get started on your own weight-loss plan, call or book your appointment online.


Dear Copper,

When I came in I was your typical 40 something active male that generally had a good diet and active life but was fighting a little harder every year to stay healthy. What I was doing was not working anymore. We get older, our metabolisms change etc. When I first sat down with Dr. Thornton, I mentioned that I wanted a plan where I can drop the weight, get into a really healthy zone and was easy to come back to should I ever drift off course. In the first couple months we were successful in finding a healthy zone for me. The true test was in the sustainability. Since I got into the zone I have gone through holidays, a birthday, spring break with the family, and summer vacation with the family. Each occasion cost about 5 lbs. Each time I was right back into my zone within a week by simply putting myself right back on track. I'm confident that I have a lifestyle plan that will benefit me for the next 20 years. I would recommend this to anyone interested in getting their health on track.


Dan Shaughnessy 


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LeanMD Weight-loss Program

Body Lounge Park Cities offer Medically Supported Weight-Loss through our program, LeanMD. LeanMD is a Program to help you understand how to eat, exercise and maintain a lifelong, sustainable health eating plan. LeanMD is based on real foods and nutrition.

Success is Achieved with Weekly:
1) Nutritional & Vitamin Counseling
2) Weekly Accountability
3) Exercise Counseling
4) Weekly Skinny Shots
5) Weekly Body Composition/ Weight Monitoring
6) Lifestyle

LeanMD helps you lose weight and keep it off permanently.
Our plan and guidance paired with your effort and dedication will lead to your desired results and health.
Whether you’d like to lose weight for the sake of your health or just feel better, Body Lounge Park Cities can help you with a personalized weight-loss plan.
To get started on your journey to a healthy lifestyle, call the clinic or book your consult or appointment online today.

Weight loss takes time, to see noticeable results, expect to continue the program for 6 months. Weight-loss is not magic. We give you the tools & support, to find success with equal work on your part. During the program, patients must check in and weigh weekly at accountability appointments. You may receive a refund of your monthly membership fee if you have not lost any weight, and you have:

– Faithfully logged calorie intake into LeanMD app.
– Regularly abide by the total calorie goals
– Met weekly exercise goals

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  • Five months in and 25 pounds down

  • Five months in and 25 pounds down

  • Five months in and 25 pounds down

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