Patients usually arrive at our practice without knowing the treatment that’s best-suited for their specific concerns. At Body Lounge, a Clinician will meet you with you to examine your skin and address your specific skin needs to help accomplish your cosmetic goals. In some cases, combining treatments can be the best approach. A comprehensive treatment plan could include anti-aging injectables, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or JUVÉDERM®, along with a chemical peel. We also offer skin tightening treatments for the face.

Dermaplaning + Hydramask

Safely and effectively exfoliates the epidermis and rids the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). It can be a standalone treatment or combined with a glycolic or chemical peel for deeper exfoliation. Dermaplaning combined with a chemical peel can reduce the depth of surface lines, get smoother skin, treat skin discoloration and redness. This treatment will improve the appearance of aging skin, and make dull complexions glow.

Chemical Peels

Peels can improve the skin’s tone and texture, in addition to brightening the skin and reducing age spots and sun damage. A moderate chemical peel can also reduce or eliminate hyperpigmentation and acne scars, improve acne skin conditions and melasma, stimulate the production of collagen resulting in firmer skin, slow down the aging process, and help prevent wrinkles.

We use VI Peels® at Body Lounge Park Cities. The VI Peels penetrate deeper into the skin at the cellular level and promotes firmer, smoother skin. A Peel treatment can improve the appearance of the face, neck, chest, and hands. The VI Peels can be used on all skin types and ethnicities.

VI Peel ®

The Essential Peel for Tone & Texture. (20+, Pre-Mature Aging Skin, Keratosis Pilaris, Maintenance)

VI Peel ® with PRECISION PLUS (Body & Face)

The Essential Peel for Skin Discoloration ( UV Induced Pigmentation, Melasma, Sun Damage, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

VI Peel ® with PRECISION

The Essential Peel for Maturing Skin to Help Enhance Collagen Stimulation (40+, Aging Skin, Wrinkles, Fine Lines)

VI Peel ® Purify

The Essential Peel for Active Acne & Oil Skin (13+, Active Acne, Breakout Prone Skin, Teen Acne, Oily & Congested Skin)

VI Peel ® Purify with PRECISION PLUS (Body & Face)

The Essential Peel for Acne & Acne Scarring (13+, Excessive Oil, Acne with Hyperpigmentation, Hormonal Acne, Adult Acne, Scarring)


Microneedling is an increasingly popular anti-aging treatment that requires little downtime and is minimally invasive. Also called collagen induction therapy (CIT), microneedling creates precise, tiny injuries to the skin that triggers the body’s natural healing process. That process produces new collagen and elastin—the fundamental elements needed for smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Add PRP to your Microneedle for a quicker more dramatic healing to skin imperfections.

At Body Lounge, we apply a topical anesthetic before beginning the microneedling treatment to ensure patients remain as comfortable as possible.

Laser Treatment

  • Laser hair removal – An excellent alternative to shaving/waxing for longer lasting results. It can be done on nearly all skin tones!

Pixel RF

Pixel RF (Radiofrequency) treatment by Accent Prime is skin tightening of both face and body which restores the superficial layer of skin, scar improvement, wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars. The technology is delivered with controlled perforation and focused energy delivery. Pixel RF treats the affected area while leaving surrounding healthy tissue intact. This allows the skin to heal faster as the epidermis is regenerated, yielding improved results with minimal risk and reduced downtime. The Pixel RF treatment rejuvenates mature skin, enhancing your patients’ natural beauty and revealing smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin. The treatment, is considered a ‘lunchtime procedures’. That means they are virtually painless and pose little to no downtime. Additionally, they are safe for all skin types. Significant results are achieved after the first treatment. Treatments can be repeated every 2-6 weeks. Three treatments are suggested for face, neck and décolleté re-surfacing but more may be needed depending on desired outcome. Scars & Body Treatments typically take 5-6.