The non-surgical butt lift is a great alternative for patients who want a rounder, fuller buttock and do not have enough fat from their body to harvest or are averse to surgery. It can also help with overall skin texture, dimpling and cellulite in the area, as well as contouring. We have seen this increase in popularity across the country and at our Atlanta area offices. Our Nurse Jordan Garrett, RN performs this innovative procedure in the office setting for individuals who want to add shape & lift to their backside non -surgically.

Am I a Good Candidate for Butt Augmentation?

Patients who want to increase the size and shape of their buttocks, or who want a butt lift to address some sagging due to volume loss, are ideal candidates for Radiesse or Sculptra® . Our nurse determines whether patients are suited for the treatment, based on the current size and shape of their buttocks, their degree of skin laxity, as well as their ultimate aesthetic goals.

Sagging is often the result of weight loss, whether due to diet and exercise, gastric bypass or similar surgery, or a change in size after giving birth. A drop in weight—especially a rapid one—can be difficult for stretched-out skin, which may not be able to “snap back” and conform to the contours that result from less volume in a specific area.

On the buttocks, this can create a sagging, “deflated” look. Patients who want to address this condition are encouraged to come in for a consultation. They should also understand that it is important to be at a relatively stable weight before deciding on Sculptra® for butt augmentation, since gaining or losing a significant number of pounds can trigger new changes, which can alter the cosmetic results of a treatment.

Non-Surgical Butt augmentation is also a treatment of choice for patients who are generally thin to begin with, or who have watched their rounded contours flatten due to yoga, exercise, and other physical activity. In some cases, women in particular feel that a loss of roundness makes their backside appear more masculine, and they want to add volume to regain feminine curviness.

While there are numerous options available for butt augmentation, Sculptra® and Radiesse are particularly appealing to people who want new contours, but who are not keen to choose surgery, whether due to the risks involved, the recovery necessary after a procedure, the cost, the possibility of the body rejecting implants, or some combination of these factors. As an injectable opposed to surgery, Sculptra® represents a safer, faster, and less expensive solution, which also involves considerably less down time. The results, too, while long lasting, are technically temporary, which means butt augmentation with Sculptra® is not a lifelong commitment.

How Does It Work?

Unlike some dermal fillers that have a single function, Sculptra® & Radiesse can accomplish butt augmentation in different ways.

Physically adding volume is a major component of the augmentation treatment. Think of it like blowing up a balloon. By introducing more air, the skin of the balloon expands and grows rounder. The buttocks are essentially the same: By introducing Radiesse and/or Sculptra® , which are watery liquids, the buttocks grow rounder. In cases where natural volume loss has led to a deflated look for the buttocks, the restored volume can make the skin more taut and firm.

The non-surgical Brazilian butt lift utilizes Sculptra Aesthetic© and/or Radiesse, both are injectable fillers that work deep within the skin to help stimulate the production of collagen. They can be used to lift the buttocks, smooth cellulite, enhance skin texture, reduce dimples, and fill out dips in the hips called “hip dips”. In addition to providing volume of its own, the formulas stimulate the growth of fresh collagen, with a protein that adds further volume and provides structure. Both fillers are long lasting and may require multiple treatments to achieve the desired result.

Collagen is important for many reasons. Not only does it add “bulk” where needed, but it also serves as a framework that houses hyaluronic acid molecules, which are carbohydrates known for their ability to bind with water molecules. More hyaluronic acid means skin that is well hydrated and pliant, creating a softer look and feel. Since hyaluronic acid and collagen levels in the skin drop over time due to the effects of an aging body, replenishing these molecules–or at least giving them a boost in a key area–can go a long way to making a positive visual difference.

When Will I See the Results of Non-Surgical Butt Augmentation?

New volume is generally visible right after its injection, but a patient’s ideal butt augmentation results are typically not achieved until 5-10 vials of have been injected—a process that plays out over a span of months. Throughout this time, new collagen also increases in the skin, further enhancing the results. Patients can expect results  to last for years, then to eventually diminish on their own.

How Much Does It Cost?

Since each butt augmentation patient is different, the cost of a treatment is best discussed during a consultation, when our nurse can assess the unique aspects of the case and determine the projected number of injections to be used. Ask about a consultation by reaching out 972.803.4432