Whether it’s filling dimples, lifting or adding volume that you need to give your booty a nicer shape, you may want to consider the “Liquid Buttlift”.

Getting a perfectly plump booty used to require invasive procedures like butt implants and Brazilian Butt-Lift fat grafting treatments. But injectable biostimulators are making those procedures a thing of the past.

Now, more men and women are turning to Sculptra® Aesthetic or Hyperdilute Radiesse to significantly augment their behinds without surgery or lengthy downtimes.

The Power of Biostimulators

Sculptra and HD Radiesse are unlike other fillers that focus on plumping your body by adding volume, this innovative formula uses poly-L-lactic acid to activate your immune system. This approach causes your body to build more collagen in the area. Collagen gives your skin structure, volume, and texture.

Unfortunately, as we grow older, we start to lose collagen, which is why you see specific age-related changes, including:

  • Wrinkles, lines, and lost volume in your face
  • Changes in your skin texture, like dimpling
  • Saggy skin, including your buttocks, arms, and above your knees

When our nurse injector injects Sculptra or HD Radiesse in to the booty, collagen returns to the area, restoring lost volume while improving its shape and appearance. And, because these products work by stimulating collagen production instead of simply injecting fluid, you get results that last. In fact, many men and women are still happy with their results 24 months after their treatment.

Why the Liquid Buttlift?

The Sculptra or Hyperdilute Butt Lift is an option for patients who don’t want surgery or patients who want something fast without having to undergo general anesthesia. Also is for those patients who don’t have enough fat in their body to make a transfer. Although the results are more subtle with Sculptra, they can improve the appearance of your buttocks significantly.

However, for those patients who want to reach a much bigger volume, surgery or implants may be the best option for you. And you should know that this procedure requires an economic investment that must be considered. Patients usually receive two treatments, and the average price range is between $2800- $5500.

What Do I Need to Do?

To boost your booty you will need an in person or virtual consult to discuss overall goals with you, including the shape you want to achieve.

There is no downtime and you can return to your normal activities immediately treatment. However you may have some tenderness and mild bruising in the area for several days.

Because Bio-Stimulators work by triggering collagen production in your body, you won’t see immediate changes after your procedure. Instead, changes will appear gradually as your new collagen builds. You can usually expect maximum benefits within a few months, and nurse Jordan might recommend more than one session.

Results last around two years usually, requiring a touch-up (not full treatment) 18 months after the application to maintain the shape achieved.

So, don’t worry — you can get the shapely behind you’ve been dreaming of, even if squats and lunges haven’t helped in the past.

Pricing varies depending on desired results, patient’s body & amount of product.

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