“The Boss” HydraFacial: $325
The Ultimate Experience with your Signature Hydracial + Customized Booster + Lymphatic Drainage + LED Light Therapy

“The Bomb” HydraFacial: $250
The Signature HydraFacial + Customized Booster + LED Light Therapy

“The Basic” HydraFacial: $199
Deeply cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin through our super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acids.

Add a Lip or Eye Perk! $50

Eye Replenishing Serum: Brightens, tones & firms the outer eye. Improves skin hydration. Gently removed surface layer dead skin cells. Plus 30-day take home serum.

Lip Replenishing Serum: Lightly plumps lips. Gently exfoliates to smooth lips. Hydrates Lips. Plus 30-day take home serum.

HydraFacial is one of the best ways to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate your skin without any downtime! Your skin will feel so good after this treatment; you’ll be in love after your first experience. HydraFacial is a medical-grade skin resurfacing and rejuvenation procedure, so it’s both therapeutic and relaxing. It involves zero injections, does not damage skin tissue and offers instant results. The treatment is not only pain-free, but relaxing. In as little as 30 minutes you can improve the look of your skin tone and elasticity. Visible skin refinement along with even toned skin can be seen after just one treatment.

HydraFacial™: The Next Generation Facial

It is exactly what you are looking for if you feel your skin needs some special loving care from a professional. Especially if you are concerned about harsh treatments with long recovery times. Rough, dull skin, breakouts, and clogged pores can all be frustrating and stubborn conditions to treat. With HydraFacial™ treatments, you’ll experience a gentle, effective alternative to other treatments that provide exceptional results even in as little as one treatment.

The HydraFacial™ treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant protection to the skin. It is a non-invasive, innovative, relatively new procedure that provides the skin-enhancing results that are similar to microdermabrasion, or laser exfoliation. If you’ve researched or experienced one of these treatments or a laser procedure or chemical peel, you may have heard about this rejuvenating treatment. HydraFacial™ treatments can only be administered by trained and licensed professionals.

While microdermabrasion cleanses the skin by using crystals or diamond chips, the HydraFacial™ treatment actually blasts the skin with bursts of liquid. Unlike microdermabrasion or laser exfoliation, HydraFacial™ does not cause the skin damage that is often seen with those particular skincare treatments.

This specific machine infuses your skin with strong, beneficial ingredients to bring about outstanding results by using a gentle, liquid-based exfoliation process. A treatment typically takes approximately 30-45 minutes from beginning to finish. This will address a number of different skin care aspects with a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration.

Customize “The Boss” and “The Bomb” Hydrafacial with a Booster To Address The Following:

Here’s How the HydraFacial™ Works:

This initial, deep cleaning step allows liquids to easily remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. It also removes oily secretions so skincare ingredients can penetrate the skin. Pores are loosened and infused with a mild mixture of salicylic, lactic, and glycolic acids, loosening pore plugs–which can otherwise cause inflammatory acne.

Cleaning and Serum Fusion
The unique HydraFacial™ tool effectively hydrates the skin with a combination of nutrient-rich solutions that penetrate the skin deeply through a circular process. The solutions penetrate the skin’s pores, dissolving any impurities and softening the skin at the same time.

Antioxidant Fusion
Hydrating skin solutions and strong antioxidants are used, providing for more resilient, firmer skin. The antioxidants help repair skin damage, and peptides offer a necessary building block for skin cell structures. Hyaluronic acid can quickly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This step boosts the production of collagen and elastin, minimizing fine lines while hydrating the skin.

This step is particularly vital to maintaining healthy, radiant skin. The HydraFacial™ treatment effectively and thoroughly exfoliates dry, dead layers of skin—comfortably and without redness or irritation.

LED Light Therapy
LED light therapy can be an effective complement to the treatment. The lights emitted through energy can increase
production of elastic and collagen by increasing skin cell growth.

During the HydraFacial™ process, loosened pore plugs and dirt are removed with a combination of chemicals to suction dirt and other remaining particles. This cleans the skin thoroughly and reduces the likelihood of future acne breakouts.

Your skincare professional may also recommend the delivery of additional chemicals for a specially customized treatment for you and your skin’s individual needs. For example, the HydraFacial™ device can deliver certain products designed to reduce wrinkles and stimulate the growth of healthy cells.

Is There Any Downtime? No. Your skin may be slightly pink after treatment. You’ll be able to resume normal activities immediately afterward. You can even apply make-up right after the treatment.

What Results Will I See as a Result of HydraFacial™ Treatment?
The treatment cleanses your skin, offering a glow and more even skin tone overall. Patients typically notice greatly improved skin hydration, minimized dark circles, and a dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even after just one treatment, improved skin tone and refinement may be visible. The smoothing, hydrating results usually last at least five to seven days.

How Often Does the Treatment Need to be Repeated?
Often, one treatment per month is recommended to most effectively reduce skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, signs of irritation, brown spots, or oily or congested skin. A continued regimen of HydraFacial™ treatments may be recommended to maintain sustained healthy skin results.

A Hydrafacial™ can also be a great tool to help you look and feel your best as you prepare for a special occasion. You’ll see immediate results, with no downtime.

Is it Painful and Are There Side Effects from a HydraFacial™ Treatment?
Fortunately, since the HydraFacial™ does not vaporize skin cells. It is generally well-tolerated, even by sensitive skin. Though the treatment is gentle, the impact of the liquids and the suctioning action can cause mild irritation in some cases.

Patients are often pleased and impressed with the immediate effects seen, including bright, dewy, refreshed skin. It is hydrating and non-irritating. HydraFacial™ isn’t merely a short-term solution to improved skin appearance; it effectively improves the skin’s overall quality. It’s a healthy long-term part of a well-rounded skin care routine and treatment plan.

Am I a Good Candidate for a HydraFacial™ Treatment?
HydraFacial™ is appropriate and suitable for most skin types. It is effective on skin that is aging, of different ethnicities, dry, or oily. It can also slow down your skin’s aging process, in turn potentially delaying the need for more invasive procedures.

A HydraFacial™ will effectively cleanse skin and provide an infusion of serum, but some skin problems will require a more aggressive treatment plan. Remember, the HydraFacial™ treatment can only be administered by professionals.
The skincare professionals at Body Lounge Park Cities are equipped, trained, and prepared to assess and administer the best possible treatment plan for you as a unique individual. Your skin deserves the very best in qualified professional care. Request a complimentary consultation and consider a HydraFacial™ treatment as an effective tool in your skin care regimen.

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