Trammell Bright

Nutritional Coach located in Park Cities, Dallas, TX

About Bright

Trammell Bright grew up with a love for health and wellness. Her intense passion for health & wellness came in college with the help of a nutritionist to help her lose her “Freshman 15”.  Not only did she want to lose the weight but she wanted to learn nutrition... “dieting/the right way to eat”. Her Nutritionist became her mentor in her Nutrition journey. From there she began to research, study and actively participate in different types of wellness and nutrition. After the birth of her third child at age 39, she lost 35 pounds effectively and in a healthy, safe manner.

“Everything we put or don’t put in our bodies affects us. From weight, to mood, energy, the way we move…a healthy lifestyle is so important”, says Trammell. The past three years she has immersed her self in courses and scientific studies that have grown her passion even further-and helping many with meal planing, accountability, and achievements/reaching and surpassing goals. 

Trammell joined the Body Lounge in May and completed her training as a “LeanMD Nutritionist”. LeanMD is a weight-loss program Body Lounge offers and it goes hand-in-hand with Trammell’s strong interest for helping others in understanding food, nutrition and healthy living. 

She is the patient’s biggest cheerleader and strongly believes anybody can do whatever they set there mind to. 
Trammell is married to Ryan Bright (Dallas Native) and has three active children, JR, Nolia and Braxton. Her intense passions have inspired her to continue her education into skin where she feels she can come full circle in offering wellness from the inside out. She begins Aveda institute in the Fall.  


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