Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

University Park- Dallas, TX

What is a Rhino Thread Lift?

Nose thread lifting is a quick and simple nonsurgical procedure with minimal downtime. says Dr. Chang. Modern threads are made from absorbable polymers like polydioxanone (PDO)—the same materials comprising surgical sutures. PDO dissolves over the course of time depending on its thickness and attachments, and most people do not have allergic reactions to PDO suture material. Unlike with rhinoplasty surgery, there is no general anesthesia involved. Once the nose is anesthetized with a little lidocaine, the threads are inserted using a cannula.

The number of threads and the areas of the nose where they are placed will depend on the patient’s anatomy and goals, but in most cases, multiple threads are injected, sometimes over the course of several sessions.

What Issues Can Be Addressed?

Threads can shift and shape the tissues, to make certain aspects of the nose appear slimmer or higher or more upturned for a period of time. Thread lifts can elevate the nasal bridge, straighten and heighten the nose contour, and/or lift the tip of the nose. The effects on the nose are subtle but even a millimeter change in bridge elevation or a few degrees of lift in a nose tip can improve facial balance.

How Long Do Results Last?

Results typically last between 8 & 12 months.

What’s the Downtime?

There is no downtime. There may be a small scab at the injection site. Soreness is common and may last a week or two. No cardio for 5 days post treatment.