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Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!…No Butts About It. (Pun Intended)

There are several non-surgical options to achieving a more lifted and rounded backside. But like most things, it doesn’t happen overnight. Anybody sculpting treatment, surgically or not takes time for the max results to take full effect. Take a look at these great, non-surgical options for sculpting the booty

Want a non-surgical option to more lifted & toned rear?
We’ve got you: Emsculpt Neo

What Does it Do?

By using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, the patented EMSCULPT device induces contractions at a rapid pace, not allowing the targeted muscle to relax. These supramaximal contractions trigger a response that forces the targeted area to respond by building more muscle. Just like with regular exercise, the body naturally responds by rebuilding tissue resulting in muscles that are firmer and stronger. Non- Invasive. No Needles. No Pain. 30-Minute Treatment

When Do I See Results?

Patients typically start to see their new results about two weeks after their last treatment with max results around 3 months post their last treatment. It is generally recommended that patients get 1 treatment a week for 4 weeks. No downtime.

Need a little balancing, additional volume or shape improvement? We’ve got you there too.
Answer: HD Radiesse Injections

What Does it Do?

HD Radiesse is a nonsurgical injection method that lifts and augments the butt, providing a Brazilian Butt lift without the surgery. The Radiesse treatment is not a complete substitute for butt implants. Instead, it is meant for the patient who needs a subtle lift, volume increase, improved skin integrity, and cellulite reduction. 30 Minute Treatment

When Do I See Results?

Some instant results, some swelling & possible bruising for days. However, the max results will be seen around 3 months post-treatment. Most patients need at least 2 treatments for best results depending on desired outcome.

Can I Combine the Treatments?

Absolutely! In order to determine which treatment(s) is best for you, give us a call to schedule your complimentary consult today.

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