What Does It Treat?

We age. It’s a fact. Due to loss of collagen we can often develop dark circles, lines & wrinkles under the eyes, or even “crepe-y” skin. Outside of wrinkles and lines many of us have unwanted scars, acne, acne scars, skin pigmentation issues, neck lines, hair loss, sun damage, and décolleté lines.

When Do I See Results?

Micro-needling is an investment. Each session is about 30-60 minutes. Treatments are every 4-5 weeks and there may be 3-5 treatments needed depending on the area & desired result. 48-72 hours you will have an increase in collagen production. Results can usually start to be seen after one week.

Vampire Facial

Micro-Needling with PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) is used to stimulate skin cell repair and new growth by using platelets from the patient's own blood on the skin. The combination together is often referred to as the vampire facial and can decrease the appearance of large pores, scars, fine lines & wrinkles, dark spots, and other skin conditions. The treatment can be greatly healing to the skin and improve its texture.

What is Micro-Needling?

A Micropen is a device that creates controlled micro-injuries in the treated area to increase natural collagen production for stronger, brighter skin. This inflammatory response signals your body to produce collagen in the dermal layers of the skin.

Do the Micro Needling procedures hurt and is there downtime?

No. The Micro Needling procedures are designed to be painless. A numbing ointment is applied to the treatment area as well. It requires no surgery, so there’s little, to no discomfort. Patients can normally return to their usual activities after the procedure.

Are there side effects that accompany the Micro Needling procedures?

Some individuals may experience a temporary mild inflammation in the treatment area, but it normally clears up soon after the treatment especially used with PRP or Sculptra.


Hair Restoration with PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma)

Combining Micro-Needling with PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) is naturally a great fit for stimulating lost hair follicles. The platelets contain vital growth hormones. The PRP is used during the session and injections are made in the region that is thinning/balding, which supplies the nutrients it requires to continue growing thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

When Do I See Results?

Hair Restoration with Microneedling & PRP is an investment of both time and money. Treatments are every five weeks and there may be 4-6 treatments needed depending on the area. New growth can begin as soon as three months after treatments begins. The effects can be apparent three months after the third treatment. The full affect may take up to 12 months.


What’s the difference right?

PRP uses the patient’s own blood to produce the platelets needed to heal and restore collagen. The procedure helps restore & enhance skin regions that require volume & improvement in texture and tone considerably. As part of the body’s healing ability, platelets and other components in human blood migrate to the point of “trauma”. Platelets are well known to release numerous growth factors that respond to tissue injury and promote the conditions for healing…in this case from the micro-needle. This is really great for acne, scars, pigmentation issues, sun spots, fine lines & wrinkles on the the décolleté, face & neck…and contribute significantly to healing and less treatments than with (HA) only.

Sculptra is a biodegradable synthetic matter that naturally stimulates your own collagen production. Using a Sculptra treatment during micro-needling is amazingly soothing and gives you a brighter, youthful glow. Who doesn’t want tighter, more plump and brighter skin? This combination essentially signals your collagen to produce, improving your skin’s texture and laxity. The results of Sculptra are long-lasting. Sculptra micro-needling works even better in combination with PRP. This treatment is really about tightening, fine lines & wrinkles, longevity, and collagen production on “steroids”- especially for the décolleté, face & neck.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is also used as a topical. Hyaluronic acid is actually a sugar that binds to and absorbs water, it gives a fullness and plumpness to the skin. As water is absorbed by the acid, volume is created, acting in the same manner as how a sponge soaks up water and becomes full to even out every little crevice. That effect is what we are constantly trying to replicate. Though more treatments may be required by HA micro-needling as opposed to the combination of PRP and Sculptra, it is just as effective. This is really great for acne, scars pigmentation, sun spots, fine lines & wrinkles on the the décolleté, face & neck.

Treatment Pricing

Individual Sessions- $300

Session with a PRP or Sculptra Booster- $550

(Package Pricing Available)