Manual Therapy

Don't let pain stop you from an active and enjoyable life.  Whether you are recovering from  surgery, injury, want to perform better, or just need a "Tune Up", Dr. Ed will help.

Dry Needling Technique

Dry Needling Technique

"Tune Up" 

$50 Session or Package of Five for $230

Chiropractic manipulation used to treat back and neck pain


Membership (Three Months- $299/ Month)

Four 25 Minute Soft Tissue Treatments

Four Normatec Recovery Sessions

Vitamin Injection Package of FOUR (B12, Myers Cocktail or Skinny Shot)

10% Off All Other Body Lounge Treatments

15% Student, Teacher,Police & Fire discount



Active Release/ Soft Tissue Manual Therapy

$150 50-Minutes / $75 30- Minutes

Package of FIVE- 30 Minute Treatments for $280

* Functional Dry Needling: Use of small needles to treat muscle tension, spasm, muscle & ligament straisn, arthritis, nerve irritation

* IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: Use of specialized tools to mobilize soft tissue

* Cupping: Use of Small Cups to separate tissue for better mobility

*Kinesiology Taping: Assists in decreasing pain in order to actively train continuously & effectively

* E- Stim: Non-invasive pain treatment using small currents to affected soft tissue to reduce swelling, lessen pain, strengthen muscle,     and boost tissue healing



Heel Pain-3.jpg

Functional Movement Treatment

$150 50-Minutes / $75 30- Minutes

* BFR (Blood Flow Restriction): Temporary blood flow occlusion to muscles for muscle training and post surgical rehab

* Orthotics: Custom shoe inserts to treat poor foot function & conditions

* NormaTec: Pneumatic & Rhythmic compression of the soft tissue to reduce inflammation.

*Banded Mobility:  Use of bands to increase range of motion for injury prevention & improved joint mobility