Liquid Buttlift

What is a “Liquid Buttlift”?

Often called the “Sculptra Buttlift”. In brief, a liquid buttlift is non-surgical. There is no fat transfer, implants or silicone used. It is done purely with injectable Bio-Stimulators like Sculptra and Hyperdilute Radiesse.

  • Liquid butt lift, Sculptra & Hyperdilute Radiesse are types of dermal fillers diluted in a way that can be used to regenerate your body’s own collagen in an area of the face, neck or body. So in a sense it assists in helping you “grow your own butt”.
  • Silicone butt implants – As the name suggests, this procedure involves the use of silicone implants placed in your buttocks. It’s much more invasive than the Brazilian butt lift, although sometimes the two procedures are used together. Silicone implants carry the long-term risk of displacement, so you will likely need to get the surgery done again at some point in the future.
  • Liposuction – If you have excess fat stores in the gluteal area, sometimes a surgeon will recommend removing them as a way to create more roundness.
  • Fat Transfer – Often times liposuction will be performed and the fat is then transferred in to the gluteal area.

What Can You Treat with the Liquid Buttlift?

  • Even-ness (Can create a more Round, Full Backside)
  • Lack or Loss of Volume
  • Cellulite Dimples
  • Hip Dips
  • Saggy Bottom (Lifts the Cheeks)

How is it done?
The injections are done with a cannula or wand-like needle. Your medical expert begins by applying a topical anesthetic or using the injectable also containing anesthetic lidocaine. There are several injection approaches to provide optimal results. The treatment typically takes about 30 minutes depending on the amount of product that is needed.

What is the downtime?
As with any injections, there can be some bruising, swelling and mild discomfort after the treatment. Most clients tolerated this treatment well and are very satisfied with their results.

How many treatments are needed?
One to three treatment sessions are usually required to achieve the desired aesthetic effects. Two treatments are typical. These treatments are spaced out one month apart. Preliminary research shows that results with Hyperdiluted Radiesse and Sculptra may last up to two years. One will likely want to have one single touch up treatment every 12 to 18 months for maintenance.

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