Is This Too Much? Let’s Not Just Slop on the SkinBetter Science Skincare.

Is This Too Much Let’s Not Just Slop on the SkinBetter Science SkincareWhen it comes to skincare, we seem to talk endlessly about the type of products and number of steps in our routines, but we never talk about how much of them we should actually be using. Directives usually advised us to “slather on ”moisturizer, “dab” on eye cream, and “coat our faces in a thin layer” of serum but, really what does any of that even mean?

We pulled a visual guide to help you determine how much of each product to use.

The start to great skin starts at home. A good, consistent skincare regimen is necessary. It doesn’t have to be too pricey and you can always build on it. But starting out with a daily cleaner, moisturizer & SPF is a good start. Knowing which types of products is the key. For example, you don’t want a cleanser that is going to dry you out if you have dry skin. And you don’t want a moisturizer that makes you more “oily” if you tend to have oily skin.

If you’re looking to customize a skincare regimen for your skin type we can arrange that too!
We carry award-winning medical-grade skincare products from SkinBetter Science. The best of the best, and it’s affordable.
Come in and let our aesthetician help get your daily at-home skincare regiment in check!

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