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PRP treatment is based on the two main components of blood plasma: platelets and white blood cells. Both of these components contain growth factors which help to stimulate skin cells and cause them to function better and in turn grow new hair. PRP for hair loss allows hair follicles to be stimulated to grow new hair.

Using your own body to stimulate hair growth.

How many treatments?
4-6 typically depending on severity

How often are treatments in the initial series?
Every 6 weeks

When do I see results?
Most people start seeing new growth around 6 weeks with max results around 8-12 months.

PRP is not a cure for conditions that cause hair loss. For this reason, a person would need to receive multiple PRP treatments over time to maintain hair growth results. The same is true of medications that doctors commonly use to treat androgenetic alopecia, such as topical minoxidil (Rogaine) and oral finasteride (Propecia).
* No downtime.

How often will I need treatments after the initial series?
How often a person should have PRP maintenance treatments will vary depending on a person’s condition and the results of their initial treatment. Once hair loss is under control, maintenance injections (usually not a full series) are suggested every 6-12 months.
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