Fight Back at the Flu this Season with Immunity!

There is no reason any one of us does not need an Immunity boost ESPECIALLY as we approach the flu season.

Overall wellness is what we constantly strive for. Here at our little Boutique Wellness Clinic, Body Lounge Park Cities…we have easy, effective ways to achieve this.

Our Myers Cocktail Injection is a ton of great vitamins & minerals combined in to one shot. We are talking all B Vitamins (yes including B6 & Vitamin B12), Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Taurine, Selenium, Chromium & Potassium.

The other option also provides you hydration as well, and that’s with our Immunity IV Drip. It has all of the nutrients in the Myers Shot but also the hydration, Glutathione (Anti-Oxidant) and a few other vitamins & minerals to get you feeling better and your body in “bug” fighting mode.

Give us a call for any questions or a consultation so we can help you get prepared & moving towards overall wellness!

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