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“I need Botox ASAP. I have a trip this weekend!”
We hear it all the time! Unfortunately, a common misconception is that neurotoxins like Botox & Xeomin are instant results.  The reality is, it takes two full weeks for it to completely set in. Make sure to plan your next treatment 3-6 weeks before that big event, wedding or trip!
Patient: What are these dimples on my chin?
Me:  The non-medical term, ‘Chin-ulite’ and it happens to the best of us.  Even to Amber Heard.
Expression is a lovely & wonderful behavior that we experience daily! Unfortunately, these repetitive movements of muscles on the face- especially the forehead, eyes & mouth causes pre-mature wrinkling & fine lines. 
So What to Do?….Chin-Tox!
Which is really just a neuromodulator in the mentalis muscle.
Botox, Dysport & Xeomin are all great products to use in this area.
What Does It Do?
Relaxes the Mentalis which smoothes out the dimpling
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