Weight Loss & Nutritional Counseling

Body Lounge offers LeanMD, a medically guided weight loss program.

We are committed to providing the best clinically proven solutions for increasing patient wellness delivering LeanMD's best in class products, systems and services to our patients.



If you're prepared to get serious about weight loss, nothing's safer and more effective than having an experienced, fully licensed physician as your guide. Our wellness-focused weight loss program, efficiently and safely helps you shed unwanted pounds. Call or book consultation appointment online.


4 Principles of Patient SUCCESS


1) Simple- Easy to Learn and follow

2) Fresh- Based on real food

3) Sustainable- Lasting, HEALTHY weight loss

4) Evidence-Based; Sound principles based on scientific data


3 Phases of the Program

PHASE 1: The Loss Phase

Proprietary servings-based meal planning system that is specifically designed to be easy for patients to learn and follow. 

PHASE 2: Transition

After weight loss goal has been accomplished, this Transitioning introduces the patient to additional foods and how to manage their new lifestyle.

PHASE 3:  Sustainable Loss

Once a patient reaches their goal weight, the new goal is maintaining their new weight long term. LeanMD was designed to help patients overcome the difficulties of maintaining their weight loss through a built-in monitoring and support system. This includes virtual weight monitoring, guided nutrition and exercise counseling.