Increasing Sexual Stamina

Increase Sexual Stamina

The PRP (commonly known as the P Shot)Shot for Men


Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection and/or concerns about penile size, shape, and curvature, with or without pain, can affect one’s self-esteem and create significant stress between partners. Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal themselves. Regeneration of new tissue is accomplished by the natural production of stem cells. PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) involves concentrated platelets, rich in bioactive proteins, which release growth factors to stimulate cellular regeneration and accelerate tissue repair. The benefits of PRP were initially used in wound healing, dentistry and the treatment of sports injuries, but now have evolved to address aesthetic concerns and sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease for men). PRP is one of the most advanced, effective natural treatments for cellular repair AND rejuvenation throughout the body. 

What Is It?

The PRP Shot (often referred to as the “P” Shot or “Priapus Shot”)  is a breakthrough, clinically-proven, safe, and effective procedure that helps male sexual wellness — without surgery, or the use of medications. It is a regenerative thearpy that uses growth factors in your blood to stimulate the healig process of yur penis.


Thr Procedure:

The doctor draws a sample of yur blood & spins it in a centrifuge. This process concentrates the healing components in your blood into platelet-rich-plasma (PRP). When injected in to an area of dysfunction, the PRP encourages the natural healing prcess to begin. 

A topical anesthetic is used so that the procedure is painless and as comfortbale as possible.  Once numbe, the doctor injects (with an extremely small needle) the platelet-rich plasma in to the penis, which encourages and stimulates the body’s natural healing and restoration process.

In total, the procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes and there is no downtime.

Many patients see noticeable results right away, and they continue to improve over the next few weeks. 


Can last 6-18 months

Enhanced girth/length of the penis

Increased sexual stamina

Increased pleasure

Increased sensation

Enhanced firmness of erection

Increased blood flow, circulation


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Dr. Ed hanging out in his 'cave' Ed Le Cara, DC, PhD, MBA, ATC, CSCS Co-Owner and lead clinician, Dr. Ed (as he is affectionately known in the clinic) is a board certified sports medicine and rehabilitation expert who has over 20 years experience helping people live a healthy and active lifestyle. He is a blend of manual therapist, strength and conditioning coach, athletic trainer, and researcher which provides a rare perspective on healthy living. While wrestling in college, Ed tore 3 out of 4 ligaments in his knee and rehabilitated (without surgery) with the guidance from his chiropractor, his athletic trainer and his college strength and conditioning coach. This rehabilitation experience helps bring a unique, empathetic and caring perspective when individuals need guidance overcoming their own ailments, limitations or injuries. Instead of needing to go to multiple professionals, you get all in one making Body Lounge Park Cities a one-stop shop for helping you pursue optimal health thru nutrition and an active lifestyle. Dr. Ed works with patients from 8 years old on.

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