Longevity, Cell Renewal & Weight-Loss. Why Wouldn't Do It?

Prolon Meal Kit
Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) is a 5- day, plant- based breakthrough program. This well researched program by Victor Lungo, PhD from USC Longevity Center is a safe and effective way to restart your eating program. 
As opposed to Intermittent fasting (reducing calories on certain days in a week) and time-restricted eating (limiting eating to certain hours in a day)- Prolon fasting
Combines a combination of micro- and macro- nutrients that nourishes your body. It still enables your body to enter a fasting state that provides metabolic and cellular benefits

LOSE FAT while preserving lean body mass

ACTIVATE the body’s cellular function and stem cell-based rejuvenation process

MAINTAIN metabolic balance

CONTROL food cravings and portion size

What is a Cellular Clean UP and Renewal?

During prolonged fasting, your body starts a set-cleaning process called cellular clean up.  It gets rid of old, worn out cells and replaces with new, healthier ones.

If you want to jump start weight-loss in a healthy way, clean up your cells or promote your life longevity, give us a call and see if Prolon is a fit for you.

$249/ 5- Day Kit

**Recommended once a week for three months.  Then once every 6 months thereafter*
Copper with Hazel (7) and Hudson (9). Copper Dallas Clinic Director / Co-Owner

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