Micro-Needle Treatment

Micro-Needling in an aesthtic procedure involving a medical grade pen wtih tiny needles to create "micro-channels" in the skin.  By creating this, it sends signals to the brain that say "I need new skin" and then blood is sent to the area for healing.


The treatments helps a variety of skin conditions and also stimulate collagent induction.


Mirco-Needling helps to bright the skin, helps with hyperpigmentation, melasma, tone, scars, fine lines & wrinkles, and pore size.  3-5 treatments are recommended (5 weeks apart) for optimal results depending on the type of treatment desired.  However you will see beautiful results after the first treatment.


A topical numbing cream is applied before the treatment. The treatment itself takes about 45 minutes.  After treatment there may be some light peeling and red/pink face that can last 24-48 hours. Sunscreen should always be worn and no direct sun exposure for at least 48 hours after treatment.

Leigh Patten, NP Leigh Patten is a Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Cosmetic Injector here at Body Lounge Park Cities.

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